The Problem


It’s a habit that doesn’t fulfill the real need, so it leaves you wanting more. Online sex is easily accessible, and addictive. It can interfere with real loving relationships because the mind attaches fulfillment to the images and self-stimulation rather than to a real person. No intimacy or heartfelt affection becomes associated with this kind of sex. The temporary stimulation and relief seem to fulfill on an immediate level, but it’s not love. If porn or other sexual issues have become a problem, PureMind.Online is here for you. 

It’s Not A Personal Problem

Pornogrophy use is not just a private or personal issue because it has an impact on relationships. Relationships  are the most precious part of our lives. It is only through each other that we can  experience the fullness of love  that we all long for.

Wives and husbands feel betrayed, and may break up the marriage. Parents, siblings and friends are concerned but don’t know what to do. All tend to suffer in silence, thinking this is a personal problem to be dealt with privately. We will protect your privacy at PureMind.Online, while we offer support and solutions in a public way.

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No matter who you are, the problem affects you because it affects culture. No one lives in a bubble. One person’s difficulty is humanity’s difficulty.

We Need to Help Each Other

Pornogrophy is a worldwide scourge that has deeply infected developed nations due to widespread availability online. People of faith struggle with this problem as much as anyone else. Good people  trying to live good lives  are often the most vulnerable.  That’s why we  have to help  each other.

Internet pornography and excessive masturbation are a little-discussed problem among church couples and families. Many spouses, single adults, teenagers and children – both male and female – struggle with these habits and most despair of overcoming them. In unity we have strength, and God shows His power. Divided, suffering alone, embarrassed and silent, we are being overcome.

Understanding is Part of the Solution

Armed with  truth, and true love, we can help to free one another, and protect our loved ones.

Our church community represents the world, therefore it’s understandable that we deal with the same issues as the rest of the world. All people need healing and hope. PureMind.Online offers effective strategies that deal with these issues in a non-judgmental and supportive way.

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