We want to connect you to resources that will help you create joyful, loving relationships. Your most urgent issue might be overcoming unwanted sexual habits that are interfering with your relationships. These habits may also be affecting other areas of your life such as work and school. If you’re not sure, check out the Online Pornography Test.

If you are a wife in need of healing and support; or a concerned parent, sibling, friend or pastor, you are in the right place.

Below is a list of resources to help you learn more or get started on your journey. PureMind.Online does not specifically recommend a program or resource; instead we offer possibilities for you to look into. Click on the vertical tabs to learn about each resource.

Spouse Support
Spouse Resources

You may feel hurt and alone, or are wondering what you can or should do. Subscribe to our blog to read about steps you can take to support both yourself and your partner. You don’t have to go through this alone. Also, check out the Spouse’s page and download Help for Spouses PDF, for more resources.

Here are a few other groups established to help spouses, and women in general, to find their own power and heal their hearts:

Personal healing and finding your strength:

If you are looking for a good therapist or counselor, you may want to read this article first: Spouses of Sex Addicts Looking for a Therapist, Covenant Eyes

Read this e-book to understand why your husband views porn. It’s not your fault, and it doesn’t have to mean the end of your relationship. Porn and Your Husband, by Covenant Eyes

Accountability Software
Accountability Software

As a member of the Unificationist Blessed family community, you are eligible to receive a deep discount on an individual Covenant Eyes Accountability software subscription, courtesy of  Pure Mind Online’s group rate. For only $2 a month, you can receive a subscription that normally costs $132 per year. Sign up here: Accountability App


Family Resources
Family Resources

Get a Family Account at Covenant Eyes for only $14.99 per month. It’s well worth the price to assure that your children are not accidentally or intentionally exposed to porn. Go here to learn more: Covenant Eyes App for Families

Also Subscribe to our blog to learn more about educating and protecting your children about healthy sexuality and internet use.

Recovery Programs
Recovery Program Reviews

A little summary of what each program looks like with a direct link to each Recovery Program.

Recovery from unwanted sexual, habits, addictions and attractions is possible. There are many programs available and we will continue to research and offer reviews as we find them. Choosing a recovery program is personal. The program has to appeal to you or else you will lose interest. Although these programs share core insights and values, the presentation, method, style, availability and cost of the program will influence what works for you. This is why we offer reviews, so you can find what fits you best.

Check them out here: Recovery Programs

Counselors and Healers
Counselors and Healers

For Leaders
Leader Resources

Subscribe to our blog and learn how you can help members of your congregation deal with these issues. You can also sign up for the Mentor Training by contacting John Williams at puremind.online1@gmail.com.

For more info watch the many videos on our LIVE FREE YouTube page, and download our white papers.

Community Action
Community Resources

Join the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to understand the impact pornography has on culture and find out what you can do.




Live Free YT Channel
Live Free YouTube Channel

Lots of informative, insightful and even funny videos to give you a greater understanding of the problem and it’s effects, and to fuel your motivation.Many organizations are putting out great quality and highly entertaining video on these topics. Empowering and very real testimonies as well as brain research, and quirky stuff too.


Unificationist Views
Unificationist Views on Sex

There’s a lot you might not know about the faith tradition you were born into, or joined.

Many people find it uncomfortable to talk about sex so it becomes a taboo subject. Rev. Moon had no trouble at all talking about sex and you might be surprised at some of the things he said. Check out these files: SMM on Lovemaking

Unificationism uniquely exalts the sexual union of a husband and wife in blessed marriage as among the holiest moments of human life. The Divine Parent as a united Father and Mother finds resemblance in the blessed couple and God delights on the couple’s playful passion. Physical intimacy in the context of emotional intimacy and unselfish love is a source of tremendous joy and comfort, and this is what God wants for every couple. From the design of our bodies to the magnetism between a man and woman, the Creator crafted us to need and enjoy sexual love. It strengthens the bonds of a couple, which helps build strong families and communities.


Sex Mis-education
Sex Mis-education and Misunderstanding

If you thought there was mis-education and misunderstanding about sex in the Victorian Era, wait ’til you read about the propaganda of the sexual revolution. Why is sex such a big deal in our culture? Read more in our blog category: Sex Mis-education 

For Individuals

For those who are ready to kick the habit now, take a look at Sexual Integrity Mentoring, the most effective way to go. Or consider some Recovery Programs to find one that fits your time, budget and interest. If you’re not at that point and you want to learn more, then you can sign up for our blog where the Subscribe widget is on the Footer of this website or the sidebar of the blog. You can also search the pages and follow the suggested links for more info.

For Everyone

Rather than duplicating the help that is already available, we strive to increase our readers awareness and access to the best organizations offering recovery support, video, counseling and online programs about pornography and unwanted sexual habits. There is a lot of research on the problems and solutions related to addictions and habits. Recently, more has been revealed about the relationship between addiction and pornography. The more we understand, the more we will be able to create a culture of purity. Click on the Title Tabs above to learn more.

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