office-research-collaborationWe’ve done the research for you. Get up to date info on porn and other sexual addictions. You will also find tried and true examples and clinical studies about healthy relationships. We want to support you in to making the choices that will improve your ability to experience real love.

Get the Facts!

Our blog will keep you updated with helpful information and resources. We’ve added more in-depth articles in the form of pdf’s and ebooks, which are free to download and read at your leisure. Other resources such as video and links to other sites are available on our resource page.

Spouse’s, parents, friends, pastors and community leaders can also learn how to have a positive mind and be helpful to someone struggling to overcome an unwanted sexual habit.

Curated from the Best Sources

Just like there’s lots of pornography out there, there is also a lot of information about the damage it is causing. Unfortunately, it’s probably a lot easier to find the pornography – and that’s why we’re here! We are gleaning the internet to give you the best information and resources we can find.

Remember, our goal is to support you. You want real love, fulfilling relationships, success and happiness; and we want that for you too.

Stats on Porn Use from Covenant Eyes

Harmful Effects of Pornography 2016 Reference Guide

Documented research compiled by Fight the New Drug, This document pulls all the research together and presents it in a systematic outline. Easy to read and understand with sources given. Download the PDF 

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