A Sexual Integrity Mentor is like a personal coach and trainer, someone who will guide you away from pornography habits and toward of your goals of freedom, power, and personal fulfillment. Get the support you need to break the habit.

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Don’t Go It Alone

Mentoring has a higher rate of success than going it alone, joining a support group, getting counseling or other methods. Few people with sex-related addictions ever make it to long-term freedom on their own. Counseling sessions and support groups have a high rate of dropouts within the first few months.

Mentoring is successful because mentoring is different. Nine out of ten people choose to continue with mentoring past the first 6 months.*

A Mentor is Empowering

A Mentor provides a positive relationship experience, which is very helpful for overcoming the habit. A Mentor focuses on supporting a healthy relationship with your body, your conscience and God, as well as with the opposite sex. There are regular video group meetings, or one-on-one sessions within a structured program of online education, inspiration and self-discovery. Your privacy is carefully protected. 

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Our Integrity Mentors have gone through extensive training in recovery from unwanted sexual habits and addictions.** Each of them has created their own foundation of personal victory.

Meet the Pure Mind Mentors here, or use the button above. Then either get in touch with them directly or  send an email to the Program Director, John Williams, and he will get back in touch soon with more information.

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* Based on the track record for BraveHearts, even while charging significant fees. 

** BraveHearts Mentoring Solutions for Sexual Integrity.