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PureMind.Online was created specifically to address the issue of online pornography habits and the problems that result. We are here to help you understand the power of your mind, your emotions, and your physical impulses so that you can gain mastery over your sexuality and your life.

Don’t struggle silently with unwanted habits. Your mind and emotions power everything you do. Everyone has physical urges and biological needs, but it is the mind that directs and controls how we deal with those urges and needs.  

Freedom and Power Unleashed

It’s important to understand how the mind, body and emotions work together to form a power house. Becoming the master of your own mind/body/emotion trinity gives you the freedom and power to fulfill your greatest potential and create the life you truly want to live.


Start by protecting yourself and your family with internet Accountability Software. Then learn about the recovery process, and get the help you need by accessing our Recovery Mentors or signing up with a recovery program.

Your Life is Your Creative Project

You are a creative being and your life is your project. That’s why it’s important to live intentionally, to have clear goals powered by passion, and to take the action steps that will bring the greatest result. 

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The main navigation tabs at the top of this site and the other page menus on sidebars will help you discover the contents of this site. PureMind.Online was created for Unificationists who are dealing with unwanted sexual habits. However, pornography impacts spouses, parents, community leaders, pastors and friends, so everyone should seek to understand the problem.

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