David WolfenbergerMentor
David is the first Sexual Integrity Mentor to be certified by Bravehearts. He particularly likes to serve young men who want to lay a foundation for sexual integrity in preparation for the Blessing. Together with his wife Mitsue, they are the founders and driving force behind the varied initiatives of Pure Mind Online. They are both passionate to help set people free from habitual sexual issues that pose obstacles to enjoying all the great blessings God intended for our married lives. They have seven children and a successful business. David facilitates a Sexual Integrity Guy’s Group that meets via Zoom video conference once a week. For more information, contact David.

Email: DWolfenberger@puremind.online

John WilliamsMentor
John is the director of Pure Mind Online, a Sexual Integrity Mentor and a licensed mental health counselor who has worked for years with men dealing with addictions and same-sex attractions, and with couples seeking to improve their relationship. John has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and helped develop the Blessing Workshops. He is also the co-author of “Educating for True Love: Explaining Sun Myung Moon’s Thought on Morality, Family and Society.” John and his wife, Cathy, have a married daughter.  He runs a weekly Sexual Integrity Group via Zoom video conferencing, and is available for one-on-one mentoring as well. He works with both young and middle-aged married men.  Contact John Williams.

Email: John.Williams@puremind.online

Andrew LoveMentor

Andrew is a trained Sexual Integrity Mentor, and the former Maryland Family Church pastor. Andrew has a professional comedy background and he is also the author of the e-book, “Nuclear Love Reactor,” and the Love Genius website. Andrew represents Pure Mind Online in public presentations internationally, and he is behind our social media efforts. Canadian by birth, he and his wife, Uyanga, have two sons. He facilitates a Sexual Integrity Group every week by Zoom video conferencing. Contact Andrew Love.

Email: Andrew.Love@puremind.online

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David YoungMentor

David is a trained Sexual Integrity Mentor and is passionate about helping people succeed in their family life. A certified Peak Performance Coach and Project Manager, he is a leading force in planning the Phoenix Project events and 24+ Retreats, and is well-known for his “Take Your Life On” seminars. David is proficient in martial arts and has a Masters in Chinese Language and Culture. He is married to Rika and they have two sons. David holds a regular video conference Sexual Integrity Group for young men. Contact David Young.

Email: David.Young@puremind.online


Sammy Uyama Mentor

Sammy is 26 and has been Blessed for 7 years to his wife, Yigyu, whom he considers his best friend. He is a certified Matching Supporter and author of three bestselling productivity books. Fluent in Korean, he teaches English to Asians. Because of his personal experience overcoming porn, Sammy is passionate about young men having sexual integrity in their lives. He’s available to those wanting to prepare for the matching, currently matched, or newly Blessed. Contact Sammy Uyama.

Email: samuyama@gmail.com