It Affects Everyone


A porn habit is not just an individual problem. Its impact is felt by partners, families, and society as a whole. Pornography use has widespread corrosive effects that most users do not initially suspect.

We Are All Connected

The excitement and reward of the immediate experience can dull our senses to what is really happening. Pornography can also lead you as an individual into a lifestyle of increasing unhealthy sexual habits, and unhappy relationships.

The Effects of Pornography

 On You

  • Corrupts your heart and mind with perverse images almost impossible to erase
  • Traumatizes with  shame,  guilt,  disgust, lust, and fear
  • Reduces resistance to sexual aggression and normalizes abnormal and exploitative behavior
  • Promotes  sexual insecurities
  • Wastes time and money
  • May threaten job
  • Retards spiritual and moral maturity
  • Erodes self-respect
  • Teaches  degraded  standards of manhood and womanhood
  • Numbs  natural  impulse to protect women and children
  • Risk of learning to be aroused by things instead of a person
  • Enslaves you to the habit

 On Your Relations with the Opposite Sex

  • Reduces spiritual beings  to body parts
  • Makes people into playthings
  • Creates impossible expectations of attractiveness
  • Promotes “shopping” mentality based on looks
  • Harder to connect as friends and  so isolates you

 On Your Present or Future Marriage

  • Spouse feels betrayed, and  insecure
  • Hostility towards spouse if they protest  your habit,  since you have bonded to porn
  • Dissatisfaction due to comparing mate’s appearance and performance to artificial porn actors
  • Frustration over your mate being unable to equal the stimulation you have come to expect  due to masturbation
  • Faulty and damaging ideas about sex, desire and performance
  • No sense of emotional intimacy and the unselfish effort needed for satisfying marriage and sex
  • Weakened desire for spouse and reduced emotional connection over time
  • Threat of sexual dysfunction
  • Higher risk of divorce

On Society

  • Finances organized crime
  • Drives human trafficking, including children
  • Breaks up marriages and families, and makes many people unmarriageable
  • Promotes widespread impersonal sex, exploitative relationships, and loneliness

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