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Welcome Message – David Wolfenberger, Andrew Love

David Wolfenberger
Download PP: Welcome to the High Noon Summit
Sexual Integrity in the Internet Age – Michael Balcomb

Dr. Balcomb, President, FFWPU - USA
Currently unavailable
Porn Facts – David Young & Jessica Sattinger 00000

David Young & Jessica Sattinger
Download PP: Porn Facts and Digital Trends 000000

Challenge Within the Unification Community – Thompson, Buessing, Watanabe

Love, Thompson, Buessing, Watanabe
Download PP: Challenge Within the Unificationist Community
Porn, the Brain & Addiction – Sam Black, Mike Leahy

Michael Leahy, Sam Black
Currently unavailable
Portrait of Strugglers – Marjorie Buessing, Paul Bulow

Gene Huneycutt, Marjorie Buessing, Paul Bulow, Andrew Love
Download PP: Portrait of Strugglers 000000000000

Accountability & Recovery – Sam Black

Sam Black of Covenant Eyes
Download PP: Accountability & Recovery
Lies We Believe About Porn – Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson speaking at High Noon Summit on Porn
Download PP: Lies We Believe About Porn
How We Got Here – Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson
Download PP: How We Got Here

Sexual Integrity Mentoring – Michael Leahy

Michael Leahy, Sexual Integrity Mentoring Solutions
Download PP: Sexual Integrity Mentoring
Parents & Porn – Debby Gullery

Debby Gullery
Download PP: Parents & Porn
Raising Courageous Kids – Covenant Eyes

Sam Black, Covenant Eyes
Download PP: Raising Courageous Kids

How Do We Arrive at High Noon?

Download PP: How Do We Arrive at High Noon?
Impact on Spouses and Fiancées

Crescentia DeGeode
Download PP: Impact on Spouses
Implications for Matching & Blessing

Marjorie Buessing
Download PP: Implications for Matching & Blessing