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The porn habit thrives on secrecy, privacy, and anonymity. When you know someone is watching your internet browsing habits, you’ll be less likely to go to porn sites.  One key to breaking the habit is to have a trusted person check your internet use.

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Pure Mind Online recommends Covenant Eyes as the most widely used and well-developed accountability software, with excellent supplemental educational resources.

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Get An Accountability Partner

Accountability software sends a report to someone else about where you have gone online. You will need an Accountability Partner who has agreed to receive these reports. The fact that you will need to explain your browsing habits is often enough to encourage better choices. Visit our Accountability Partners page for more info.

The purpose of this is not for someone to say, Gotcha! The purpose is to let someone know so they can help you think through what happened, and find better ways to stay on track with your goals. It’s a reminder that you are not alone and that others are affected by your choices.

Remembering that someone will find out about your porn viewing can help to cut isolation and urge you to reach out for what you really need–real connection with someone who cares.

If desired, such software can also be used as a filter, blocking access to porn-related sites. This can be helpful as a temporary and added deterrent, while you develop self-discipline. However, since you can obviously work around the filter if you really want to, the goal is self-control, and not depending on the filter. Accountability software with a trusted Accountability Partner or Mentor is the best first step.