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Recovery Program Reviews

Review of Candeo

Candeo's recovery programs teach you how to work with your brain and body to create lasting change. They are convenient and confidential and offer research-based video education, interaction with other learners like yourself, and have a coaching component. It costs $50 per month. Candeo's Healthy Sexuality program includes overcoming pornography, masturbation and sexual addictions. It's 100% online and anonymous. Check It Out Here Here is a summary of its effectiveness. And here is an independent review and outline of its approach.   Back to All Recovery Programs  
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Review of The Mindful Habit

An online group coaching program that harnesses the science of habit, mindfulness and action, it includes over 35 video lessons, 3 weekly support calls, 40 exercises, a 1 on 1 coaching session with founder Craig Perra, a community forum and money back guarantee. Although it targets sexual addictions, the lessons can be applied to any type of unwanted habits. It's a well reviewed and rated program with competitive pricing and a few free perks when you sign up. Check It Out Here  [ap_spacing spacing_height="14px"] Back to All Recovery Programs
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Review of Fortify

Fortify is an App that can be used on your computer, tablet or phone. This user-friendly, research based program let's you go at your own pace, and protects your privacy. It's completely free for anyone between the ages of 13 and 20. For adults (21 and over) it's a one time fee of $39. The App features over 50 educational videos, a personalized battle plan, a vulnerability test, and a tracking calendar. LEARN MORE The basic approach is also explained in a book. Here is an independent review from one user. 95% of graduates indicated that they would recommend the Fortify Program to others struggling with porn. [ap_spacing spacing_height="14px"] Back to All Recovery Programs
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Review of X3 Workshops

X3 is a decidedly Christian based program with different tracks for men and women. Like other online programs, X3 features brief online video workshops you can watch on any device. The top 3 workshops include: X3Pure Video Series (for porn recovery) and Get Open Video Series (about accountability). Each series includes lifetime access and updates, a downloadable workbook with techniques and strategies taught by experts, and a dedicated support center. The 30 day X3Pure porn recovery workshop costs $97.  LEARN MORE. (Note: Use this link; searching for information invites actual porn site results.) [ap_spacing spacing_height="14px"] Back to All Recovery Programs
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