“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” –  Henry Ford

Lead the Way to True Love

Pastors, youth leaders, church elders and other leaders within our faith community can have a significant impact on helping protect individuals and families from the risks of pornography and other sexual problems.

With  compassion  and heart  we can create  a support  network that educates, mentors and acts as a safety net for our members, families and the communities we live in.  These are issues that  affect  all  of us as  we strive  to  create  God’s  Kingdom  on Earth.

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How can I help protect individuals and families?

Inform yourself and become familiar with the resources that are available so that you can help others find them. An especially helpful tool for families with young children is the Covenant Eyes Internet Security Subscription. …Read More

Other Resources:

Imagining a porn-free church, at FaithIt

E-book on creating a porn-free church, at Covenant Eyes

How can I fight the pornography threat in my community?

Host an information session in your church, school or community to shed light on the problem of internet pornography and offer resources and support to families. Become aware of National lobbying efforts aimed at addressing the impact of pornography and the sex trade on our National Culture.


National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Visit Our Accountability Partner Page Here

Learn more about being an Accountability Partner or Recovery Mentor, as well as training opportunities.


 Offer spirituality based resources to your community members. Check out our Resources page, and watch the trailer below.