So, this is the post where I reveal who I am. Although maybe many of you could figure it out. I wanted to write this blog for two main reasons. One was to support myself in my porn recovery. I found that if the consequences of watching pornography were greater than the immediate reward, then I would be much more powerful in my resolve.

110 Days With No Pornography!

My name is Justin Okamoto. I’m 26 years old and I’m currently living in Japan. I’ve been blessed for almost four and a half years now and we are so happy together. Currently I’m staffing at the Global Top Gun Youth workshop with almost 1400 participants from over seventy countries.

Given that it’s been 110 days now that I haven’t watched pornography, I would say that this strategy really worked. There were moments during this time that I can’t say I was fully virtuous in my sexuality, and even more moments where I was seriously tempted. However, for the first time in a long time I felt like I had a real choice in the matter of my behavior. When the weights are balanced it becomes a lot easier to tip the balance in our favor.

We Can Help Each Other Overcome Porn

The second reason I wanted to write this blog is that I believe the High Noon lifestyle is infectious. There have been so many who have come to me and stepped up to be honest about their struggle about pornography, and through those people sharing it allowed the space for me to be honest. I want to give that same gift to the people in this movement and beyond.

Yesterday a young boy from Korea came up to me after hearing me share honestly about my past. He immediately started to cry. He said to me “I watch porn, I’m disgracing my parents and I’m a blessed child, and I’m disgracing True Parents.” He said, “I was floating on the water one day thinking about just letting myself drift away. But couldn’t because of how hurt my parents would be.” When he shared this with me I started to tear up as well, because I knew that feeling of shame. However, me and Sammy, who was translating for us, just wanted to embrace him. We told him “we also have struggled and you don’t have to go through it alone.” He just cried and we hugged. It was such a beautiful, sad, and hopeful moment.

Reaching for the next goal

My next goal is to get to the point of sobriety where I can become a sexual integrity mentor myself. I know there is always the possibility of a relapse, but I’ve got to take what I learned and give it my all. I’ll still be checking in with this blog every once in a while. Until then God bless and thank you!

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3 thoughts on “90 Days Pornography Clean: Crossing the Finish Line

  1. Wow, Justin. So proud of you! Your sharing your truth is empowering others. This story, I think, will be replicated in others who see your example. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for your bravery in being honest and your commitment to helping others, especially blessed children. I wish you and your wife a very beautiful future.

  3. Made me cry. Great example for others. You have turned a bad thing into a very good thing.

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