The countdown has begun! Only three more days until I’ve reached my goal. I just returned from a four-day trip to America where I met with some of my closest friends. We had the most amazing experience just sharing and catching up. In two days, I’ll be headed to Korea for a workshop.

Being Busy Doesn’t Stop Random Thoughts

Being so engaged with people and life has for the most part resulted in porn not being much of a struggle recently. However, feeling exhausted and tired on my one day back here, I started having this thought creep into my mind. That thought was that I missed porn.

I think it’s safe to say that throughout the day we are probably going to have thousands of different random thoughts going on every day. Some of them are more conscious than others. Some of them are completely random like, “I wonder what it would be like if I crapped my pants right now… what would I do?” or “I miss porn.” Sometimes they are obviously triggered by something outside, but also sometimes I have no idea where the thoughts come from.

Regardless, I think it’s important to not take our own thoughts so significantly. We spend too much time thinking about why we thought what we thought. Many times, when unwanted thoughts come up, we then think it means that something is wrong, or in some cases something is wrong with me.

Choose What Thoughts to Engage With

What I’ve found works is choosing what thoughts to have “give and take” with. When we focus on a thought, usually it will lead to that thought getting bigger or persisting. When we just let it go, that’s when it can disappear. The next step is to get focused on something else, both with mind and body.

The mind is like an empty space but the universe doesn’t like empty spaces. So, either we consciously fill the mind, or your mind will be filled with whatever is out there. Try instead to focus on living a life of freedom and integrity.

When I had that thought that I missed porn, I admit that I engaged in it. Probably for a good 30 minutes, it was like a parasite that wouldn’t get out of my system. I got close to slipping up. But, what pulled me back was this question, “is it worth what you’ll get from porn if it means also paying the price?” The first price that came up was, I’m going to have to share that I slipped up on day 85. That alone was enough to get me out of that thought process and start thinking about something else.

Let unwanted thoughts pass

Basically, what I wanted to share today is the importance of having discipline over your thought life and staying present. Discipline doesn’t necessarily mean “control” as in controlling what thoughts we have. For me discipline is having a certain skill around being able to let thoughts pass without engaging them. Being present is about becoming aware of the choices we are making and the choices that are available to us to make.

The first step to getting present is to get present with how not present we are. Once we get that then new choices will often open up. Three more days! Wish me luck!

Next week, as I mentioned I’m going to be in Korea for a workshop so I’m not sure if I’ll have time to write a post. Which is a bummer seeing as how it’s the 90-day post. I’ll do my best though!


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