Are porn videos realistic? Actors assume awkward positions so that cameras can get the shot. Actors are also made to do extreme sexual acts that under normal circumstances would be painful, or undesirable for most people. It’s fantasy meant to shock and stimulate the release hormones and neurotransmitters, which trap the user into seeking more.

Does Internet Porn Cause More Violence?

In 1982, the National Institute of Mental Health identified these major effects on children viewing violence on television:

  • Children may become less sensitive to pain and suffering.
  • Children become more fearful of the world around them.
  • Children are more likely to behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward others.

According to current studies on the effects of internet porn, men who view it regularly have a higher tolerance for abnormal sexuality, including rape, sexual aggression, and sexual promiscuity. Prolonged consumption of pornography by men produces stronger notions of women as commodities, or as “sex objects.”1  There is no doubt that the entertainment we view has an effect on our thoughts and feelings.

In addition, child-sex offenders are more likely to view pornography regularly, or to be involved in its distribution. 42% of sextortion victims met their abuser online. The typical age of children forced into the sex trade is 13 or 14 years old.

Lost Ability to Imagine a Normal Sexual Relationship

In the video below, Ran Gavrieli describes how watching porn brought anger and violence into his private fantasies. He realized that this type of imagery and desire was not there before he started watching porn. He didn’t want to be that type of person, and he didn’t want to add to the demand for porn content.

He talks about how porn does not represent our authentic sexual desire. Normal desire begins with dialogue, touching, kissing and gradually becoming more intimate with a person. Normal desire involves a relationship. On the other hand, porn is usually focused on the act of penetration.

Worthy of Love or Sexual Desire?

Porn is not just degrading to women, it also teaches men and boys that their sexuality is measured by the size of their penis, and the longevity of their erection. The idea of romance, tenderness, and developing a relationship is lost. Because of the saturation of porn in our culture, both boys and girls are hearing the message, “if you want to be worthy of love you need to be like a porn star”.

But the reality is that most porn stars live a miserable life without love. Prostitution, pimps, STD’s, violence, drugs, and suicide are the usual components of a porn star’s life. No one dreams of growing up to be a person who is abused and violated, it’s not a normal human desire. Gavrieli quit viewing porn to restore his personal sexuality, but he also found that the cultural implications of the porn industry increased his motivation.

Positive correlation between an increase in pornography use and the likelihood of adults believing violence against women is acceptable. Hald, G., Malamuth, N. & Yuen, C. (2010). Pornography and attitudes supporting violence against women: revisiting the relationship in nonexperimental studies. Aggressive Behavior, 36, 14-20.

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