You might be wondering if sexual integrity mentoring is necessary. Isn’t an accountability partner enough? Or maybe you’re wondering how these two approaches are different, or if you need both.

The Process of Getting Untangled from a Bad Habit

Michael Leahy, CEO of Brave Hearts Mentoring Solutions, often refers to a Sexual Integrity Mentor as being like a Sherpa guide – someone who has been to the mountaintop many times and can lead you there. A guide knows the path well, with all of its pitfalls and stumbling blocks. He is an expert who knows how to make the most of the journey, and how to rescue someone when they have trouble.

In the following video, Leahy explains what personal and group mentoring looks like. Through his mentoring experiences he shows why this process is so valuable. In addition he identifies the difference between counseling and mentoring, and the reasons why either or both would be beneficial.

Accountability, Mentoring and Counseling Can Work Together

Accountability is always part of the process of healing from any type of addiction. Some people can get free from a porn habit just by having an Accountability Partner and Accountability Software. However, a habit that developed from a young age, or over a long period, requires more help to overcome.

In this video, Leahy explains when professional counseling might be preferable, or used in addition. He also talks about the difficulty in finding counselors trained to deal with sexual addictions. Counselors and mentors have very different methods and functions, but they can work well together for more complex issues.

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