Would you like to help a friend who’s struggling, but you don’t know how? Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say. That’s why John Williams has put together this short presentation.

How to Talk to Your Friend

Even if you’re not an Accountability Partner, these 9 points will help anyone learn how to be more supportive. Remember, someone with a porn habit is struggling and already feels a lot of guilt. If it were easy to overcome this habit they wouldn’t need help.

When they started watching porn they didn’t know how hard it would be to stop. It’s demoralizing to feel like you can’t control your own actions. Your unbiased support could help your friend regain control over their life.

How to talk  with someone you are holding accountable, by PMO Staffer, John Williams:

1. Set aside time to talk
2. Listen first
3. Work at their speed
4. Praise small progress
5. Ask your friend how you can support them
6. Plan preventative steps
7. Tap the power of positive motivations
8. Tap the power of negative motivations
9. Know your limits

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