If you are a good friend and you like to help others succeed then you can be an Accountability Partner. Your interest and concern is valuable, but your method can make or break the relationship.

Learn How You Can Help

Reading the reports from the chosen accountability software is important, and not so difficult. What’s far more meaningful is what happens after that. How do you respond? How do you engage your friend in discussing their progress?

It’s a good idea to learn as much as you can before you start this journey of helping someone become accountable. Below you’ll find some quick reading to help you prepare for this role.

  1. Learn about accountability and the software: Covenant Eyes, Fortify
  2. Understand the habit so you can respond appropriately. What is Sex Addiction, by Life Star
  3. Prepare yourself to be approachable and non-judgmental. How to talk to your friend about their habit
  4. Learn about the recovery process so you know how to give support. Tools for Change
  5. Focus on success so you can offer hope. Accountability Partner Checklist
  6. Ask questions to help the person you are holding accountable guide themselves. 5 Questions I Wish My AP Asked…
  7. Work at their speed, without leading too much.
  8. Be proactive, help them plan for success. Tips for users to help their AP’s
  9. Get help – Recognize when the situation requires extra support or other players.

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