When your child was born you were hopeful. When they were learning to crawl, walk and use the toilet you encouraged them with faith that they would accomplish the task. You’ve been doing this all along, so don’t lose hope now when facing issues related to porn.

You may be feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know how to help. But just like all the other challenges your child has overcome, he or she needed to find the power within and figure it out. Your belief in your son or daughter, and clear guidance, will give them strength.

Protect Young Minds

Below are links to a wonderful website that helps parents learn how to deal with porn issues. From prevention to recovery, and regardless of your child’s age, you’ll get some great advice here:

Do Porn Talks Work? New Study Gives Hope to Parents

Is Resistance Futile? Four Websites to Give You Hope

Parents Can Form A Support Network

One thing that can help kids resist the culture’s sexual influences is having friends who are also resisting these temptations. Close relationships between families with similar values can help kids feel supported. Get to know your children’s friends, and their parents. Find out how other families in your area are dealing with these issues, or if they are even aware.

Church friends are not enough support. If your child only hears the ‘no porn’ message at church, it doesn’t hold enough weight to go against the daily onslaught of media messages and other kids. However, if your child sees that families with other beliefs, other religious and ethnic backgrounds, have the same ‘porn is bad’ mantra, it creates a stronger support system.

Parents can change the local culture

Parents have a lot of power when their kids are young, especially related to schools. You can even influence the sex education standards by recommending that the damages of pornography become part of the curriculum. Parents can demand that schools are safe, and that administrations are dealing with things like cyber bullying, sexting. and other porn related issues.

Find out how you children’s schools are dealing with these problems. Talk to the Principal or attend school board meetings to ask questions or offer information. If the schools are not dealing with these issues adequately, create a task force with other concerned parents. By making the problem of internet porn a public issue it becomes easier to talk about and gather support. If people are not talking about it, internet porn will continue to run rampant.

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