The sun is at the midpoint in the sky. It’s hot and everything is in plain sight. There are no shadows to hide in. It’s time for a showdown!

The concept of high noon is to bring everything out in the open and deal with it. It’s a metaphor for living with complete integrity and transparency so that we can experience unconditional love.

No Secrets, No Blame, No Shame

Real love can’t flourish in a realm that’s clouded with secrets, shame and blame. However, with honesty and an open heart, compassion and forgiveness can flow. Solutions for the problem of porn addiction and unwanted sexual habits can be discovered when we approach the issues with a sincere desire for recovery and healing.

Internet pornography is a serious threat to the future of couples wanting to receive the marriage blessing. The ideal of Unificationism is that a Heavenly culture develops from the root of families who practice true love. The prevailing porn and free sex culture has affected our families, impacting both younger and older generations.

A Crisis for the Future of Families

The unlimited availability and addictive power of pornography, challenges people daily. The recent NBC News report of Federal Employees watching hours of porn on the job is just one example of digital porn’s power. People know it’s wrong, that they could lose their job, or even go to jail – but they still do it. It’s an addiction.

The sex-saturated, “pornified” culture is dis-empowering for those who strive to stay pure and honor their marriage vows with fidelity. Unfortunately, marriage blessings have broken because of it.

Children are specifically being targeted by the porn industry because their innocence and curiosity offer less resistance. It’s impossible to watch a child’s internet exposure 100% of the time. So we have to ask ourselves, ‘how are we going to raise our children and grandchildren to practice the ideal of heavenly marital intimacy in the present world?’

High Noon Summit

High Noon Showdown – True Love vs Free Sex

God is LOVE, and marital intimacy is the greatest gift of love that God has given us. Through this gift we come to understand unity of heart. By doing so, we become co-creators of a life and lineage.

The High Noon Summit will embolden you with knowledge and tools to fight for true love. Guest speakers with a track record in the field of porn recovery will share their success strategies. Together we can create a support system for overcoming porn addiction, and growing in true love.

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