Sex is one of the ways that love can be expressed in a relationship. But not all sex is love. Porn is tempting because it arouses a burning physical desire. That desire is not connected to an impulse to give joy to the beloved, so it is not love.

Love is a Relationship

People often think love should be spontaneous, something that happens to you without your knowing why or how. But real love is more like a seed that sprouts and grows from within. It takes effort and nurturing because it’s a relationship. Love can not be experienced alone or in a fantasy.

Porn and masturbation interfere with real relationships and stop the heart from growing. Love can only exist when there is honesty, integrity and freedom centered on the greater good. Not freedom to do whatever you feel like in the moment, but freedom that respects the value and dignity of others. Porn does not respect human value or the value of relationships.

Help Rebuild a Culture of True Love

Love doesn’t exist in a void. We learn how to love starting from birth through our relationships and growing to maturity. The makers of porn are assaulting children and destroying families with a perverted view of sex and love. People are becoming addicted and trapped in a cycle that perpetuates the opposite of love; self-centeredness, enslavement and violence.

This affects everyone because it’s affected the culture we live in. You can do something about it. You can help fight porn and restore true love. Learn how you can help rebuild real relationships and create a culture of lasting love.

If You Are Struggling:

  1. Get an Accountability Partner and Accountability Software
  2. Get a Sexual Integrity Mentor
  3. Rebuild Trust

If You Want to Help Others:

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