One way to learn more about your habit is to make note of seemingly unimportant decisions— SUD’s. These choices typically lead up to viewing porn. They seem like harmless thoughts or actions, but in your life they lead to the habit.

Consider your thoughts and feelings when you make these decisions. Is there another trigger or urge prompting you? Could you create a different routine if you didn’t feel this need?

Notice What Leads You to View Porn 

Is it staying up late alone? Shutting the office or bedroom door? Turning to a certain kind of music? Logging on at night to “check email”? These actions might be part of anyone’s daily or nightly routine. However, if you have a porn habit, these could be the very steps that make it so hard to stop.

Write these decisions or actions down, and experiment with doing things differently for 10 days. Changing routines is always necessary when trying to overcome an unwanted habit.

Make a list and decide what to change first

Use these pages in the list below as a reference. Make your own list of all the areas of your life needing attention. Prioritize your list by deciding what actions you can take first. What things can you let go of? Which people, and what places do you need to distance yourself from? What SUD’s can you recognize and change?

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