What would compel you to be committed to a cause? You can find your strongest motivation by using your imagination.

Taste the freedom of having overcome

Relax in a calm place and as vividly as you can, imagine five or 10 years from now, being free of this habit. Picture all that you will gain–within yourself, for the ones you love, and the dreams you will realize.  Let yourself enjoy the rewards of your struggle in advance by savoring the feelings of freedom and power.

Write your vision down, to remind yourself why the struggle is worth it. Read it whenever you feel like giving up.

Reframe your struggle as a hero’s journey

When you can see your life’s challenges as a heroic struggle towards victory, it can give you the strength to stay committed. Having a personal vision keeps the day to day challenges in perspective.

Think of some triumph, large or small, you have already had in your life. Recall a time when a problem seemed like an insurmountable mountain. Maybe it was passing a class, making a friend, or winning a job, or a spot on a team. What lead to your success? How do you look back on that experience now? A few years from now, you could be in the same position with your current challenge.

Imagine yourself in the future telling of your recovery to others. See yourself as fighting for your life, or fighting for those who love and need you. View your difficulties as given to prove how strong and courageous you are, and to dramatize your ultimate success.

Now claim every day to day setback and victory as part of your compelling story. Setbacks can lead to new insights that will make you stronger. Don’t get into guilt. Use every aspect of your struggle as training to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

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