“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin

There is another saying, “When at your best, prepare for the worst.” A classic mistake that anyone in recovery can make is to get overconfident and complacent after an initial period of success. We think we are stronger than we are, and don’t recognize the weaknesses we still have–which will become clear when we’re under enough stress.

Avoid The Most Common Triggers

Don’t let yourself get ambushed by the inevitable “perfect storm” of bad conditions: Fatigue, boredom, fear or loneliness coupled with unlimited time on a computer. Also plan to avoid being around people or places that might have a bad influence on your choices during times of weakness.

Take steps now to find three people you can contact as a safety net for tough times. Friends you can hang out with who are a good influence, or someone you can call as a quick diversion from temptation. Create an action plan for quickly changing your state of mind.

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