Contemporary culture tells us the following two contradictory messages about sex:

1. It is everything.

You can’t live without it and no one should be expected to resist the urge. You gotta have it all the time, and talk about getting it when you aren’t having it. It’s the ultimate experience, and you should get as much as you can with as many as you can.

2. It is nothing.

No big deal. Like having a sandwich, like scratching an itch. Do it when there’s nothing on TV. Do it when somebody–anybody–turns you on, and you don’t want the bother of real emotional involvement. Meet the need and move on.

Neither of these perspectives is true. But the Divine Principle gives special significance to sexuality, both in terms of describing God’s purpose for our lives, and in terms of the power of evil and the means of delivering us from evil.

Unification Views On Sexuality

The following summary of Unification perspectives is offered by the Pure Mind Online staff as a helpful resource. We do not claim to speak for the official Church, and any misrepresentation is our error alone.

God enters marital lovemaking

Unificationism uniquely exalts the sexual union of a husband and wife in blessed marriage as among the holiest moments of human life. The Divine Parent as a united Father and Mother finds resemblance in the blessed couple and God delights in the couple’s playful passion. Physical intimacy in the context of emotional intimacy and unselfish love is a source of tremendous joy and comfort, and this is what God wants for every couple.

From the design of our bodies to the magnetism between a man and woman, the Creator crafted us to desire and to enjoy sexual love. The kind of love expressed through sex can strengthen us as individuals, as a couple, and help to build strong families and communities.

“The sexual organs are the palace of love, the palace in which eternal life is born, the palace which inherits the future descendents and lineage which will succeed to the eternally unchanging traditions of heaven. It is the place of true life, true love, and true lineage. It is the most precious place of all. You cannot do anything you like with it. You cannot use it without permission from God. It is a place that cannot be touched by anyone other than your husband or wife, who has gained the approval of God and the universe.” – CSG p 1287, SMM

The Heartbreak of Heaven

A central discovery within the Divine Principle is how false and misdirected love, especially sexual love, is at the root of all human misery.

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