Your spirituality is as unique as your personality, so your methods may be different from others. However, you can attract spiritual support by investing yourself with a focused intention. Your effort to grow spiritually is the most important factor in attracting spiritual support.

Find Spiritual Strength

Meditation is a process of calming the mind to find a focal point. There are many types of meditation and you don’t need to spend great lengths of time doing it. Meditation is one method of connecting to your original self and clarifying your intention.

Prayer is a conversation with God or the source of all. Imagine yourself speaking to the most trustworthy and non-judgmental being in the universe. This person has your back, no matter what you do. Share your struggles and successes with your Heavenly Parent.

Find Power

You might find power through having give and take with others, or through words of spiritual wisdom. If you are a people person, find a friend or a group that can stimulate your efforts to grow spiritually. If you’re an introvert, you can explore deeper truth through many sources like scripture, novels, self-help books, philosophy, poetry, quotes, etc.

Only you can identify what empowers you. You may have to try a few things to figure it out, but you’ll know when you feel energized.

Find Purpose

Finding purpose can come before of after you find strength and power. Your purpose may be personal or global, but either way, your actions do have an impact on others. Most people find that living for a higher purpose is empowering and enriching.

Dedicate your couple’s recovery to helping others, not just yourself. Even though you may not be actively counseling others, your struggles and accomplishments contribute to everyone’s victory in the fight for real love.

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