Internet software is helpful in protecting children from early exposure to porn, but it’s not foolproof. A school friend may have porn on their smartphone. Loving family relationships and your child’s own conscience is their best protection.

Create an Environment that Fosters Healthy Relationships

  • Spend one-on-one time

Spend time doing something enjoyable with each child. This creates trust and allows for deeper bonding. Get to know your child’s personality and encourage their strengths. while spending time together you can become aware of opportunities to discuss sensitive topics.

  • Be a role model

Be the kind of married couple your child wants to grow up to be. What does that mean? Express genuine happiness and gratitude for each other daily in front of your children. Be openly affectionate toward each other(without grossing them out). Treat your spouse like a king or queen.

  • Teach your sexual values  

Don’t leave sex and values education up to other people. Arrange times and use spontaneous opportunities to discuss sexual matters. When talking about sex with children it’s best to keep your emotions out of the picture. Speak calmly and rationally about why you think saving sex for marriage is important. Give verifiable information.

  • Safeguard the home  

Keep the family computer and TV in the living room. Bedrooms need be a place for rest and calm activities so your child doesn’t develop the habit of spending many hours alone online. Model good relationships by engaging in other fun activities together besides screen time. Put a limit on internet use as well as using Accountability software for the whole family.

  • Recognize changes in behavior  

Learn  the signs of pornography use and other problems. Anxiety and impaired concentration can be some of the side effects. If your child or teen is becoming more sad, lonely, depressed, frustrated or even bored you should be concerned for their wellness.

  • Be approachable  

Learn how to be unconditionally supportive and non-judgemental. It’s not the end of the world if your child has viewed porn or even if they are addicted. They will be more open to your guidance if you don’t overreact. Let them know that you are concerned for their overall wellbeing and happiness.

  • Study spiritual truth and pray with your children

Spirituality needs to be genuine to have an impact on children. They need to see the evidence of it’s value applied to daily life. Create a comfortable and open atmosphere around prayer and scripture study so that it’s enjoyable. Allow it to be a time when your child can ask questions and explore ideas. Make it appropriate to their age and personality.  Don’t force it.

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