Athletes use personal trainers to help them perfect their skills. Having someone as a coach to push you past your comfort zone and expose your blind spots is invaluable. So it is with overcoming a habit. Just as an Accountability Partner help you reach your internet use goals, so counselors and life coaches can assist you in getting “unstuck” and realizing your objectives.

There’s a Personal Story Behind Your Addiction

You may have particular challenges that are contributing to your present problems. For instance. you may have experienced head injuries when younger that were dismissed at the time but that are hidden sources of extra burden you are dealing with now. Or, more likely, significant past wounds to the heart and mind from important people in your life, or traumatic events may be driving your habit. This is especially true if you were sexually or otherwise abused or neglected as a child.

Finally, you might possibly be dealing with serious depression or anxiety. If any of these might be the case, consulting a professional can save years of unnecessary suffering and may make your porn or other habit much easier to conquer.

Good Counseling is Available

Many in-person and online counselors and coaches are highly experienced in helping individuals with pornography and related habits. Online recovery programs also often feature personal coaching or as an additional option.

When looking for help, we suggest asking prospective counselors what approach they use, their level of experience with your particular problem, and what kind of follow up they might provide. All professionals are obligated to respect the religious beliefs of clients, so don’t be shy about explaining your values to the extent this is relevant to you.

Unification Faith Based Counselors

There are numerous professionally trained Unificationist psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors, as well as gifted pastoral counselors. In addition, there are practitioners of alternative modalities, such as energy healers and those experienced in ancestral liberation. Check out the links below.

  • List of trained counselors, at  FFUWP
  • Gavin Hamnet is the pastor of the UTS community and a professional addictions counselor, at FFUWP
  • Examples of alternative healing methods useful in overcoming a porn habit, at
  • Unificationist using Emotion Code is an aide to  reducing porn habits, at DebraWilkins

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