A key to the success of successful business persons is to know what strengths they have, what they lack, and to make sure they have others that can make up for their lack. They also use others–superiors, assistants, even customers–to stay accountable to their own quality performance goals.

Find an Ally

It’s a wise choice to enlist the aid of others in helping to overcome a weakness. It can be as simple as asking a friend to check your progress every week. Or it can be as involved as having your online activities electronically reported to your pastor.

For example, Kevin Thompson, the pastor of the Bay Area Family Church in California, has been serving as an accountability partner for years for scores of young people and adults struggling with porn use.

If you know your internet browsing habits are being supervised, or you are going to be asked about them regularly, you probably won’t venture onto porn sites. The porn habit thrives on secrecy. And that secrecy means you are alone and getting defeated.

An ally on your side can make a world of difference.

Ask for Help

So, you have to confide your problems to someone else and ask for their help.

This involves getting past your false pride, your dread of being controlled, your love of privacy, and your fear of losing love and respect. When you can admit to yourself that you have little pride in having this habit, it will be easier to ask for help. Consider these points when facing down your pride:

  •  that you are already being controlled by your habit
  • that your privacy is an illusion since you can’t keep it secret forever
  • that you already can’t really receive the love and respect you desire because you feel undeserving

People feel honored when someone asks for their assistance. And they are far less judgmental than you might think. Take a risk. Ask someone you trust; let them in on your struggle.


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