All churches should have a ministry that addresses pornography. The secular world is not going to battle it because it’s their baby. We can’t look the other way with this one because the impact is too far-reaching. Pornography is the biggest lie the devil ever told, “The way you feel right now, and satisfying your physical desires, is the path to happiness.” Is that about right?

Scripture Guides Us to Love As God Loves

Everything we learn in the Bible, and scripture from other religions as well, tells us that we need to take the higher road. “Don’t eat the fruit”, was the first parental discipline ever uttered. Why? Because human beings need to learn self-discipline to fully develop the capacity to love as God loves.

Pornography has become rampant because it’s done in secret, alone most of the time. It undermines relationships, and causes a person to become enslaved to their physical desires. A Christian will eventually feel conscious stricken about this activity, especially when it begins to wreak havoc with their life. But at that point, they have nowhere to turn because of their shame.

Bring it into the light!

We need to expose pornography for what it is – a lie! It does not make people happy. Furthermore, it does not make relationships better. There’s no respect for self or others. Porn is not love.

At the same time we need to help and support those who fall into porn’s clutches. Churches are a place where people come to receive healing and redemption. Jesus healed and ministered to all who asked for help, even the prostitutes.

Support Marriage and Families

The church is also the place where we can learn about God’s love, and about who we are as God’s children. From these core teachings we become mature sons and daughters of God who can love others as God loves. That’s the best foundation for a ‘happily ever after’ marriage, and happy families.

It doesn’t always work that way, and that’s a good reason for self-reflection on the part of Christianity. The questions we need to ask are:

  • How can the church be a better teacher of true love?
  • How can we serve and support families so they don’t feel tempted by porn and false love?
  • How can we be a more embracing community so that people feel they can come for help and healing?
  • How can we teach the next generation to be stronger than lust?

Let’s not be afraid, ashamed or judgmental. Let’s be the light on the hill for all to see.


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