Whether it’s quitting smoking, going to the gym or learning to play golf, change is a process, not a one time event. It involves predictable stages. And each stage needs different resources for progress to happen.

What’s The Process?

Think of any change you’ve made, like losing weight. At first, you may not have felt any need. Then, you started toying with the idea and investigated the possibility. Next you began to  prepare by learning about diets and exercise. Maybe you bought some equipment, a diet book, or joined a gym.

Finally you took action, started a new routine of eating differently and exercising. Then it was a matter of maintaining the new lifestyle. And if you got off track at some point and gained weight, you had to restart the process.

It’s basically the same when trying to overcome unwanted sexual habits. You will face different challenges and need different things at various stages, and it’s helpful to understand all of this.

Change Is A Natural Part of Learning

Here’s another way to look at change. From the day you were born you’ve been changing. Some of those changes happened without much effort on your part. Some changes happened because of your response to expectations from family, society and culture you grew up in. This is the natural process of growing up.

During your teen years you probably started to think about what you wanted your future to look like. What kind of job would you have as an adult, and where would you live? Where would you go to college to prepare for this future life? You were beginning to take responsibility for initiating changes to create the life you envisioned.

Everyone goes through this process throughout life. It’s actually not natural to stay the same, to never learn or grow. It’s far more natural to always seek improvement, new knowledge, new experiences, and greater happiness.

Struggles indicate a need for change

Difficult emotions, unhappiness and physical illness or pain all have a purpose, they let us know something is wrong. When something’s not working, or you’re struggling and conscience stricken, it’s a good sign that it’s time for a change.

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