In the same way that we say everyone is a “spiritual being”, we also have to admit that everyone is a “sexual being”. Sex and sexuality is part of being human, so we should be able to talk about it. However, most people find sexuality a difficult subject to talk openly about.

Talk Openly About Sexual Issues

We can’t protect anyone from their own sexuality. But, as leaders, we can encourage, educate and support people toward healthy sexuality on an individual and cultural level. We can invite discussion of these sensitive topics in a variety of respectful ways.

Recognising that everyone has a need for love and physical touch, we can talk about the relationship between love and touch that are motivated unselfishly. We can point out the damage caused when physical desires become more important than concern for others. We can also emphasize the mounting scientific evidence that the most satisfying and healthy sexuality is experienced within a happy monogamous relationship.

Educate others about pornography

First educate yourself about the issues related to the availability of porn online and how this has affected culture. Study the science of how porn affects the brain and what makes it so addictive. If you feel ready to tackle the topic in a public way you can arrange an educational meeting, or invite our staff to speak to your church.

Help safeguard the home

Support transparency regarding family media use. Families with young children should have browser filters and parental controls turned on so that young children don’t accidently stumble on porn. It’s wise to limit young children’s use of electronic devices and encourage more active forms of play anyway.

 Another method is to only allow TV, computer, tablet and phone use in public areas of the house where there is adult supervision. Encourage parents to model appropriate use of technology for their children. Encourage kids of all ages to use their screen time in a public way, watching shows or playing games as a group or family. 

Foster honesty and acceptance

Create a non-judgmental atmosphere so that someone who is struggling with porn use can feel like they can seek help. One way to do this is by recognising that we all have shortcomings, we all make mistakes, and no one is perfect. It’s important to be self-aware and honest about our own limitations if we are going to try to help others.

Everyone, without exception, is looking for love. Being afraid to seek help for a problem is caused by the fear of rejection. So then, in our communities and congregations we need to create an atmosphere of acceptance and support.

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