The only place to start anything is within yourself. That doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong, it’s just that you can’t control what others do. You can only manage your own mind, body and emotions, and doing that will have an impact on others.

Supportive Steps

Here’s a list of steps that other spouses have found beneficial in supporting their partner’s recovery:

1. Become  informed

Understanding the recovery process lets you know how to give support. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Make use of your time by learning all you can about the habit, it’s effects, and the stages of recovery.

2. Become inspired

Strengthen your intention. Learn how others have overcome unwanted sexual habits and how their spouses have contributed to their recovery. Check out the many video testimonies on our PORN FREE channel.

3.  Become  approachable

Prepare yourself to listen to your spouse non-judgmentally and with true love. This will probably be the most supportive thing you can do.

4. Become  constructive

Understand positive ways to respond to your spouse’s habit. You will have more influence by engaging in natural conversation and activities instead of focusing on your partner’s sexual issues. Make the good parts of your life and relationship the center of attention.

5.  Become effective

Learn how to be supportive within proper boundaries. Support does not mean compliance.

6. Become  focused

Understand your role and how you can have an impact on your spouse’s recovery. Find the support that you need in other relationships with friends and family.

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