God is your loving parent who understands you and is waiting for you to reach out in prayer. Just be honest, be yourself, and express your needs and concerns. Tell God what you really care about and what’s going on in your life. Many people have a profound experience of grace once they get totally real with God.

The Practice of Faith and Love

Divine Principle’s insight into making a basis for drawing God’s power is expressed in the formula of making a Foundation of Faith plus a Foundation of Substance.

The faith foundation involves acts of dedication to words of truth, like studying scripture over a period of time. Prayer, meditation and offerings would also be acts of faith. As you research the issues related to pornogrophy and sex addiction, offer your effort to God in faith that you will receive the help you need even though the process may take time.

The substantial foundation involves humbling yourself to someone representing your conscience, or someone in a position to represent God in some way. This is demonstrated by having an Accountability Partner, for example, or a similar mentoring relationship.

Here are some steps you can take now:

1.Get fortified

Strengthen the power of your mind with words of spiritual wisdom. This could mean reading scripture or it could be just a book of poetry or a novel.

2.Get purpose

Connect to higher reasons to set yourself free.

3.Get identity

Clarify who you really are, and to whom you belong.

4.Get filled

Share your struggles and successes with your Heavenly Parent, and nourish your imagination with positive thoughts.

5.Get perspective

Arm yourself with a spiritual perspective on what you are fighting against.

6.Get disciplined

Gain self-mastery through voluntary disciplining of the body.

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