Porn, like  video games, is escape into fantasy. In gaming, you kill the monster. In porn, you get the girl (or guy). At least with gaming, you need to have some skill. With porn, hundreds of attractive strangers can bare all and give themselves to you, while requiring nothing. A dangerous illusion.

Find Healthier Escapes

Healthy escapes are welcome distractions to help you re-engage with the demands of  real life refreshed. The best ones make you wiser and more imaginative, broaden your perspective and sharpen your skills in some way. 

Healthy Escapes Might Include:

  • Sports/Dance
  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Books that don’t have descriptive sex scenes
  • Entertainment that’s not porn
  • Social activities with friends
  • Learn something new
  • Explore nature/learn survival skills

Porn  however,  like  any narcotic,  gives you a fake pleasure while actually delivering nothing. In this case, it is the intoxicating illusion of having won someone’s love and passion, and being a skillful lover, while actually feeding your immaturity, isolating you and making you less and less able to actually learn to be strong, love unselfishly, and experience a fulfilling sex life. 

Reality Has A Purpose

As  unpleasant and inconvenient as your reality may be, at least it is in this arena where you can find  true and lasting satisfaction. Grappling  with real life teaches what is true, and what works. It’s where we encounter God. Every lesson learned, every talent acquired, every step of personal development, every relationship deepened is a substantial gain.

Dwelling in  fantasy only postpones these achievements, and invites loneliness, frustration and failure–which in turn, tempts you to escape even more, in a vicious cycle.

Recovering from this habit–and growing into full maturity–means repeatedly choosing hard realities of true love and responsibility over the the easy, illusory comforts of porn fantasy.

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