Among addicts there is a saying, “No playground, no playmates, no playthings.” This refers to getting rid of the unnecessary and unwanted influences in your life, the invitations to temptation. When you become serious to gain freedom from the habit, make your electronics safer and cut off from people who encourage porn use.

Make Your Media Safer

Time to clean house. Delete any favorite sites from your computer and smartphone, clear out your history, cookies and cache. Scan your computer for malware from porn sites, and start all over.

Make your computer less convenient to use but putting it in a public area of your home. Avoid using it for recreation; find healthier things to do.

Here’s the really difficult part; get real about your music and movie habits. Get rid of the soft-porn music videos, songs and movies. You know what they are; the ones that act like triggers. The stimulate you sexually or lead your thoughts and feelings in the direction of temptation.

Get Monitoring Support

Secrecy is the enemy of this kind of change. It is the anonymity that helps drive porn use. So you need to let someone know what you are doing.

Use your laptop on the kitchen table. Move your office or even just the desk to a place where others can see you. Do whatever it takes to give yourself less inclination to go to that porn site.

Install software that reports your web browsing to someone you trust and who will not judge you, but will help you become accountable. Just knowing that someone will ask about your choices will helps you to make better ones.

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