“No one overcomes this by themselves.” That’s what ex-users and experts repeatedly report. Studies show that those who have most successfully changed unwanted habits need a clear process, structure, information, social support and sometimes personal coaching.

Work With The Experts

Brain and addiction research have now produced programs, both in person meetings and online, that have proven to be highly effective with thousands of men and women. PureMind.Online recommend that you investigate and adopt one of the following programs as a centerpiece of your change efforts.

These programs feature engaging research-based video education, interaction with other learners, and often include coaching. They are affordable ($50 per month or less), and one is free for those under 21. Some offer separate programs for pornography and masturbation. 

Recovery Programs

Different programs will appeal to different people, that’s why we’re offering options. Follow the links in the list below to discover one that’s a good fit for you.


Introduction to the Candeo series  of online education and coaching:


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