Our efforts to  change are constantly sabotaged by powerful feelings outside of our awareness and thus, our control. Emotions move us every moment. Yet often this happens behind the scenes and we can be baffled to understand why we do what we do.  This is particularly true of unwanted habits. 

Identify Your Feelings

The first task to gain more control is to practice identifying your feelings. What is motivating you right now? Consider four basic emotions: Glad, mad, sad, and scared. Feelings like guilt, pride and disgust can all fit in within these.

You can have a mix of emotions all at the same time. Learning to sort them out and give names to them helps reduce their power. 

When you label your feelings, you naturally hold them more at arm’s length. You can better recognize that you don’t have to act on them, especially if they’re based on beliefs that are untrue and unreasonable. 

Start right now. You’ll get better with practice.

Embrace Your Emotions

Watch this video about allowing yourself to feel your emotions:

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