Becoming an expert on yourself is a key part of unlearning unhealthy habits and learning new ones. This includes understanding how you think, feel and what motivates you, as well as learning how the “enemy” affects you.

Get Empowered by the Scientific Facts

All strong habits and addictions have common elements, whether they be sex, gambling, alcohol, marijuana, or cocaine. But internet porn and masturbation have some unique qualities that make them particularly addictive.

Study all that science has revealed about how people get hooked. Learning about the process of addiction and its typical patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior will help you put your own situation in perspective, and guide you on your path towards freedom.


Also, learn how depression can lead to porn addiction, or be the result, and how male depression looks different from female depression.

Be Aware of Minimizing

 One of the notorious effects of an addictive habit is underestimating how severe it is, and how bad it’s affects are. For example, counselors working with alcohol and drug addicts assume that whatever the user says about how often they use or how it affects them, they add on about 50 percent more.

Users usually hang around with other users, so that makes their habit even more normal looking: “Everybody does this and it doesn’t bother them.”  In fact, it usually takes some substantial time after reducing the habit before your perspective on it gets more realistic.

Other classic minimizing comments include:

1. I can stop anytime I want.
2. I only use porn when I’m stressed.
3. I’m functioning okay, so it’s not a problem.

In the meantime, then, just take it on faith that your porn use blinds you at least a little to how bad it is, and try to consider the view that non-users have of what you are doing.

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