In an informal anonymous survey of adults in three small UC congregations, 35% see pornography as a critical church problem.  Two thirds of the men admitted to some issue with viewing pornography, with  one in five admitting it was a “difficult, ongoing issue.

Porn Impacts People of All Faiths 

Among self-identified Christians, 2 out of 3  men confessed to having used porn weekly, while 1 out of 6 women admit viewing it at least monthly. Twenty percent of youth pastors are currently struggling with it, and one in seven senior pastors. In fact, Bible Belt and Mormon states use porn more than many others.

Pornography has always existed but never with the fingertip convenience. Smartphones make porn available to everyone, as often as desired, any time of day or night. There is an endless variety of increasingly deviant material free of charge. Furthermore, it can be found by accident, by all children on their home computers and smartphones.

The average age of children’s first exposure is 11 years old. It is a jarring and unforgettable invasion of innocence as well as possibly a prompt to intense interest in finding out more.

Internet pornography can be particularly seductive to Unificationist youth. It may seem like a harmless way to indulge their curiosity about sex without actually having sex with another person. Technically they can claim to be a virgin. 

Porn Impacts Religious Youth 

Group of students in a hallway

Our youth pastors routinely talk to young men and young women struggling with a porn and masturbation habit. There are probably many more blessed children who are concerned, but don’t tell anyone.

When pastors and Matching Advisors interview candidates for the Blessing, almost all the men report some porn history. It is common for otherwise outstanding young men and women to admit to a porn habit, which jeopardizes their marriage eligibility and places their would-be fiancé(e) in a difficult position.

Many such young people hope that once married, their habit will vanish, but sadly, this is not necessarily true. Instead, we find many Blessed marriages falling apart because of this problem.

Porn Impacts Blessed Marriages

Many blessed wives tell of being told by their husbands that their bodies are unattractive to their spouses’ porn-influenced eyes, and being pressured to get plastic surgery.

Worse, they report being roughly handled–or essentially raped–by their husbands who are probably imitating the sex they’ve seen on porn.

Blessed spouses also can have a hard time recovering from the discovery of their partners’ present habit. They are often so shocked, scared and disgusted that they too easily give up on the Blessing.

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